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The Difference

I got many friends and some of my students that ask me, "Bear, I have an interview (for a job or an internship), do you have any tips?" my answer has always been the same, I ask them "what makes you different?". The usual reaction is they look at me like if I just explained quantum physics to them, then I explain: "Look, you can go to the interview, dress up like everyone else, do your self introduction like everyone else even do your CV in the same format that everyone else does, or you can step up the game and do something they will not expect neither they will forget, be yourself"

We all grow up learning that there are rules and protocols that need to be followed by everyone, which set a standard of "quality" that we must live up to, however, I wonder: what happens when that standard is too low for us?, what happens when you need to stand out from the crowd? What happens when being remembered is a key factor for you to get a job or internship or scholarship? This is when you can choose to either blend with the rest of the people around you or if you want to embrace those qualities that make you unique.

My whole life I was never able to blend in between the crowd, I got bullied for being different and for not thinking in the same way others did. For a while I felt frustrated because I thought there was a problem with me until I realized that my uniqueness was not a weakness but my strength. Every time I did something I decided to put a personal touch to it, calling it "Bear style". When I am asked to do something, I can tell people "no worries, let's do this Bear style" and they immediately know it means quality. When I had interviews and more, from the way I dress up, speak, walk and shake hands and more I will embrace who I am knowing they will have many candidates, but they will not forget Bear.

So,what makes you different? What is the one thing that people will remember you for? Is it how polite are you? Is it how kind are you with others? Is it how awesome the quality of your work is? Or your smile? Just keep in mind one thing whatever feature you embrace, people will see, so chose wisely, most importantly don't be a conformist and decide to blend in the crowd.

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