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Hurt, yet not broken

Life, that beautiful time that happens between birth and death, but very few want really live it. It is very interesting how many times we get distracted by the non important things around us, things that usually make a lot of noise yet aren't as big or important as they want us to believe. "I don't have enough money", "they are talking about me", "that person that I liked doesn't like me back", "no one understands me" and many many more situations that we all go through in our lives, that at that particular time and place seem to be giant elephant in the room. The more we pay attention to it, the more we forget about the things that truly matter, the more importance we give to those things, the more we hurt. Yes! it is true, we will get hurt by situations, we will be saddened and we will get frustrated, however we decide whether to break or not before those "giants" and let them crush us.

So many people live frustrated lives because of the giants, because someone broke them through words or gossip, because they stopped walking and stopped believing they could do "just a little bit more". Life will never be "a smooth ride" but that doesn't give you an excuse to just give up and "break". You can cry, you can take one or two days off from "the noise of this planet" and get lost inside your bed sheets, you can get angry too and punch the wall if you want... but, don't you dare give up, don't you dare let a situation break you to the point that you can't move forward, don't you dare even think you won't survive this bad time, because the difference between a successful person and a frustrated one is whether they decided to stand back up and kept walking even when they had tears in their eyes, blood on their knees and bruises from all the times they fell on their faces. I'm just human, vulnerable to be hurt........ but I am not a broken Bear.

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